What’s the big deal about agrifood tech?

When we first started in agtech, everytime we mentioned the term, it was quickly followed by the clarification “agricultural technology”. Today, as we sit on the cusp of wrapping up GrowLab’s second crop of startups in as many years, the term agtech is no long met by wrinkled brows and quizzical looks. Not as much anyway! Australia’s come a long way since GrowLab first sprouted onto the scene. Over just a couple of years, the agtech ecosystem has well and truly blossomed. There are now 3 accelerator programs, several pre-accelerators and many other programs supporting aspiring agtech entrepreneurs across metro and regional Australia. 3 major conferences on agtech take place every year, bringing together the brightest minds in the space. And as of very recently, there’s even an Australian agtech-specific venture fund raising funds to invest into what is fast becoming a booming new industry.

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