Superstar Snippets | Brooke Sauer’s secret formula to building great relationships with farmers and agronomists

Finding and talking to farmers can be really hard and breaking into these tightknit communities requires a strategic plan. If you’re an agtech company, this is a challenge you will likely face at some point in your career.

So what’s the secret formula? How do you get in front of farmers, contractors or agronomists and get their buy-in to help shape your product?

Who better to help us find the answers than all around Superstar and GrowLab mentor Brooke Sauer? With more than 15 years experience in digital agriculture, Brooke has worked out the best ways to bring tech to farmers and agronomists. Over the last couple of years Brooke has gained a reputation for being the go-to expert for agtech startups, bringing real-world experience in adopting and using agtech. Brooke is valued for her cut-to-the-chase, brutally honest approach to mentorship and guidance.

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