Step 3. Taking the first steps as a newly formed team

So you’ve found your match made in heaven and now have the basis of (what could become) a company. Great! What’s next?

We won’t lie: there’s a ton of possible ‘next steps’. There’s incorporating a company, applying for grants and… well you get the drift. Where do you begin?!

We are laying out the steps to make life as easy as possible for your new team to have the confidence to leap in full time or decide it’s not the right thing for you just yet.

A weekend bootcamp will start things off to help you and other teams think through the highest priority matters and set you on a track to build an awesome startup.

Now you’ll be on track to build a world class agrifood tech startup with so many resources at hand including Cicada GrowLab that will help take your fledgling venture to world-changing company.