How We Work

At GrowLab, our aim is to fuel your innovator’s spirit and prime you as a business builder. We’ll equip you with the tools and networks to give your business the best chance of breaking out on the global stage and coach you on how to navigate the sometimes dizzying world of commercial business.

0-3 Months


A structured yet tailored program focusing on customer validation and pathway to market. You’ll get to engage with a network of mentors made up of business builders, domain experts and active investors. You will also learn from and engage with your peers and the 70+ companies housed within the Cicada building. Work out of Cicada Innovations incubator between visiting customers: your co-working space is rent-free and you’ll also have free access to our suite of technical equipment and prototyping labs.

Demo Day


With an audience made up of over 250 people attending our last Demo Day, you will be able to use our widely anticipated Demo Day as a platform to pitch your business to industry leaders, investors and media.

3-6 Months


Continue (optional) using our free co-working space and shared prototyping facilities as you build on the knowledge gained and contacts made during the first half of the program. You will also continue to receive the guidance from the GrowLab mentors and program team as you continue to build your business.

Program Ends


...sort of! Your company will be eligible to be invited to join the Cicada Innovations Incubator. Those selected will reside with Australia’s largest community of deep tech entrepreneurs, access ongoing support and mentoring from founders who are part of Cicada’s community of alumni, knowledge sessions, talent and capabilities sourced from Cicada’s shareholder Universities and discounted rent for space for up to 5 years.

Focus Areas

During the structured part of the program which takes place over the first 3 months, we’ll get your ready for raising what could very well be your first major round by focusing on the following key areas:


  • Proof of concept data

  • Intellectual Property

  • Industrial Design & Manufacturing

  • Customers & Partnerships


  • Building a Great Organisation

  • Value Proposition Design

  • What Makes a Great Product


  • Fundraising & Valuation

  • Financial Modelling

  • Pitch, Presence & Persuasion

  • Branding & Communications

  • Culture

  • International Markets

Where We Love To Help

At GrowLab we help founders build businesses from technologies that cover the whole value chain: from the paddock to the plate, so to speak!

Some of the technologies that GrowLab can help build great businesses around include:  


Technology to accelerate agrifood R&D

Better plant and animal breeding technologies, herd genetic management and progeny matching, as well as new cultivars of crops, or rapid ways of developing new food products or processes.


On farm efficiency

Technologies to support farmers to manage their farm more efficiently, from quantitative monitoring of crops and livestock, to automation on-farm processes to improve on-farm profitability.


Supply chain management

Advanced technologies that support demonstrating quality, provenance or authenticity of a food product.


Food processing technology

New food processing technologies to improve shelf life, derive valuable products.


Synthetic biology

Utilising synthetic biology for the production of meat alternatives, dairy replacement alternatives or fibres.


New food products

High value new food products that are differentiated and able to open up new global markets for Australian agriculture.